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DaisyScience Turkish for Foreigners

Why Do You Need To Learn Turkish?

More than 250 million people in the world speak Turkish. Millions of people come to Turkey every year for work, holidays, and marriage as well as touristic purposes. Millions of people from different countries, from different cultures, and from different lives meet at a common point; the common language, Turkish.
The best way to get to know a country is to get to know the people. Getting to know people means learning the language of that country and communicating with them. Our aim is to teach you Turkish in the best way and to enable you to adapt to Turkey more quickly with presenting living Turkish.

Have you tried to learn by yourself or in the course but failed?

Contrary to what many people think, learning a language is not a process designed to know words and what structures to connect words with. Learning a language is communicating by talking, texting, emailing, reading, and listening. DaisyScience Turkish for Foreigners, all our training is given by our expert staff of teaching Turkish to foreigners. In addition, each course is exactly 100 hours, and at the end of the course, all our students are tested to certificate their success.

The Best Way To Learn Turkish?

You may have many reasons and many alternatives to learn Turkish. Especially if you live in Turkey, you may think that learning Turkish can be very easy and that everyone is competent to teach you Turkish. However, the fact that a person’s mother tongue is Turkish does not indicate that the person is competent to teach Turkish. Turkish for Foreigners is a specialty. The choice you make is very important in order not to waste your irreversible time and money.


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